VETO Film was founded in 2013 by seven filmmakers and artists from Hamburg and has the goal to promote current positions in contemporary film and video art from Hamburg.

Experimental, unconvential film has a rich history in Hamburg. The “Hamburger Filmschau”, founded in 1968 by the Hamburg Filmmaker Cooperative, might hereby be considered as the “Other Cinema”'s time of birth in the city, with its effects reaching far outside the city limits. In the following decades experimental film has continued to be and still is very much alive in Hamburg. And time and again these films emerge from the surroundings of the University of Fine Arts (HfbK).

From poetic films that build on the rich tradition of the essay film to formal experiments that reference new media, VETO represents works which question our viewing habits and subtly or radically subvert conventional narrative structures. VETO encourages the distribution of theses films through cooperations with international film festivals, exhibition spaces and cinemas.

Our annual Open Call for current film and video art is announced on this website.
Curators can view the films in our password protected online catalogue. If you are interested, please send us a short email to info(at)

Angela Anzi, Maya Connors, Marlene Denningmann, Louis Fried, Katja Lell, Nicolaas Schmidt, Felix Thiele