JUNE 23, 2023 | 10:30 p.m.

Raise the curtain on bad dreams and bring on the popcorn! We confront ourselves with what keeps us up at night. But what is it exactly that robs us of sleep? Is it the political circumstances, is it personal worries or even the fear of bad dreams and of overhearing the alarm clock?

At Zeise Kino, five Hamburg authors will be reading new and unpublished texts in a late-night performance. This can be scary, funny, comforting - but in any case it will be very entertaining. And late-night entertainment naturally includes: popcorn! That is included in the ticket price.

The Hamburg authors Simone Buchholz, Leonhard Hieronymi, Nora Gantenbrink, Hinnerk Köhn and Anselm Neft will read. And because we are in the cinema, two experimental short films by directors Faezeh Nikoozad and Katharina Duve will also be shown. These short films are curated by the independent Hamburg film platform VETO Film.

A reading for all who enjoy horror, crime, dark humor and the magic of the night. And of course for everyone who loves popcorn and resolves to go to the movies more often.


Moderation: Nefeli Kavouras

Tickets and more info


June 4, 2022 | 8:30 pm

A focus on filmmaker Rosana Cuellar, as part of Hamburg Short Film Festival.

Lampenlager at the Post Festivalcenter Kaltenkircher Platz  (Entry corner of Augustenburger Straße/Kaltenkirchener Straße), Hamburg


Rosana Cuellar | Germany | 2010 | 12’00 | Color and B&W | German, Spanish, English


Rosana Cuellar | Germany | 2011 | 18’06 | Color | Fictional language


Rosana Cuellar | Germany, Mexico | 2019 | 28’28 | Color | Spanish


April 11, 2022 | 7:30 pm

Im Programm „Now I is Someone Else“ (Zitat aus „Vanished into thin air“) laden Angela Anzi, Sarah Drath und Maya Connors  drei weitere Künstlerinnen ein, um gemeinsame und verschiedene künstlerische Ansätze in Dialog treten zu lassen. Der Übergang vom Leben zum Tod ist ein Transformationsprozess unter vielen. Ein Mensch wird zum Fisch, ein Organismus könnte viele sein, wer sagt uns was Wunder sind? Sechs filmische Positionen zwischen Performance und Archiv, zwischen Metamorphosen und Chimären.


Ort: Metropoliskino, Kleine Theaterstraße 10, DE- Hamburg

Das Screening findet im Rahmen der aktuellen Ausstellung "Close-up" im Altonaer Museum statt, Moderation: Anna Grabo, Maya Connors.


Vanished Into Thin Air (DE 2006, Eske Schlüters, 6′)

Hilfestellungen an Objekten 5 (DE 2020, Angela Anzi, 20′) 

Tongue Reads Philomela (DE 2018, Louise Vind Nielsen, 12′) 

Trilogie der Einsamkeit II (DE 2020, Sarah Drath/Mona Hermann, 7′) 

Die Tragödie der Königin Hortense (DE 2021, Claudia Tuyết Scheffel 17′) 

Diary of an Organism (DE 2019, Maya Connors 11′)


July 30, 2021 | 9:30 pm

The screening is part of the interdisciplinary art festival Easterfield, directed by Bettina Steinbrügge
curated by Marlene Denningmann

(1) It starts in an empty house. Empty except for the ghosts of the builder and his daughter. Katharina Swoboda visited the modernist building “Highpoint I” in London and asked: Who wrote history? (2) Who is writing history and who is writing a story? How does a narrative work and who is the narrator? Melanie Jame Wolf examines the fragile connection between what we see and what we are told at three locations in the former GDR in Berlin. (3) What we see is also examined by Wiebke Schwarzhans. In a play with perspective and kadrage she takes us to a photo studio and revisits the place usually producing those glossy images our bodies are asked to submit to. (4) Resisting standardization, we step into the most colorful summer with Julia Fuhr Mann's fashionable protagonists. Repeat after them: My identity is mine! (5) My identity is many! At least in the utopian place created in Katharina Duve's collage-like film – an homage to the ghost, the woman, the actress Suzzanna van Osch. If the impossible were possible, who would you be? (6) Maybe a centaur? In a collaboration with performer Simon (e) Jaikiriuma Paetau, Ann Oren shows us unmistakably: The boundary between spirit, human and animal is as fictional as the modern myth of two fixed sexes.

(2017) 7 min. (2) Forewarned, Forearmed, Foreshadowed, Foretold (2020) 9 min. (3) Le Modèle Optique (2020) 7 min. (4) RIOT NOT DIET (2018) 17 min. (5) Suzzanna van Osch (2020) 11 min. (6) PASSAGE (2020) 13 min.

Save the date!

July 30, 2021

From July 30th to August 15th, 2021, the 6-day interdisciplinary cultural festival EASTERFIELD will take place on the former grounds of the Levy Gallery, in the gardens of Osterfeldstrasse 6, under the directorship of Bettina Steinbrügge (Kunstverein in Hamburg). Together with partners from all areas of Hamburg's multifaceted cultural scene, the Kunstverein in Hamburg, in cooperation with Donkey Products and & MYLK, presents a program including installation / sculpture, performance, music, film and discourse.

Conquering the Medium Length: Lisa Sperling

June 1-7, 2021

01. - 07. Juni

04. Juni | 20 Uhr


TELL ME MNEMOSYNE | Lisa Sperling | 55'30 | 2015 | Edition #03

The film as a personal, essayistic research on the lifetime of a Director of Photography. It questions our remembrance and wonders: what remains? Film as conservation: places and their effigies in which past is living on and encounter revives. A portrait without a protagonist, who only comes into existence through images of his past, the places he once visited and through the imagination of the audience who creates a fictional character during the running time of the film.

Middlelength at IKFF: Kabisch and Schneider

June 8th, 2019 | 5pm

While lengthy films are considered to be radical, medium-length films with their similarly non-conforming length are often forgotten in the cinema.

Film and talk, presented bei VETO Film (90 min.)

Franziska Kabisch • Germany 2016 • 28 min • Color • German or English

The copy of a copy of a copy without original: more than a hundred professors are hanging on the wall. They all look alike. They all look at me. And I’m not sure if they know that I am looking back. A film about norms and forms, about hands and arguments, about different bodies and bodily knowledge.

Chinook Schneider • Germany 2016 • 28 min • Color • German • En UT

Confusion is quite normal I was told. I now do not know what I should write about it.


May 22, 2019

Zum Sommer erscheint der zweite VETO Newsletter mit einem Einblick in ihre Filmvermittlungsarbeit von VETO-Kuratorin Katja Lell und einem Auszug aus der theoretischen Masterarbeit von Filmemacher Chinook Schneider. Lesen und abonnieren: vetofilm.wordpress.com

Haste makes waste

Mai 4- 18 2019

Video cabinet as part of the performance festival haste makes waste


1. Suse ItzelLars Hinrichs, Ohne Titel (Santa Maria), HD, 12:13, 2013
2. Leonie Rottmann, Hinter dem Baum I pik lenin I Zwei Bäume, HD, 4:44, 2016
3. Judith Huber, Silvia Isenschmid, Ergonomos, HD, 5:42, 2015
4. Stina Kasser, Rückzug, HD, 1:40, 2018
5. Nara Pfisterer, Rumontsch, HD, 6:25, 2012
6. TinTin Patrone, Allegro Barbaro, HD, 4:10, 2011

More information:


videostill © TinTin Patrone, 2011

The Shape, the Scent, the Feel of Things

16.04.2019, 19h

Tuesday 16.04.19, 7 pm
Medienwerkstatt Wien
Neubaugasse 40A, A-1070 Wien

Featuring films by Chinook Schneider, Judith Rau, Rosanna Graf, *durbahn, Nicolaas Schmidt. Concept by Angela Anzi and Katja Lell (VETO Film Hamburg)

Q&A session with Angela Anzi and Katja Lell, moderated by Katharina Swoboda, to discuss the films as well as the activities of VETO Film.

How long can I listen to raindrops hitting the roof until my feet actually get wet? Isn’t the rustling of autumn leaves much more intense in films than in real life? What happens to my body in the cinema when I hear you moaning in the shower? “Okay, okay, I’ll try. But I really think you should follow me … next time!”

The program focuses on artistic films that explore a tactile visuality, allowing them to become tangled in contradictions between image and language. It is an attempt to explore sensory experiences in which materialities, liquids, voices, and sounds mix in cinematic assemblages.


Chinook Schneider
, Die Frösche springen auch unter das Tempeldach, nicht nur durch den Regen, 2016, HD, 16:9, Deutsch, engl. Untertitel, 27'40

Judith Rau, How to Ecstasiate, 2014, HD, 4:3, English/Italienisch, 5'45

Rosanna Graf, Cargo, 2013 16:9, Englisch, 7'00

*durbahn, Messages from the Cave, 1990, Digital File, Original: U-Matic Lowband, 4:3, Englisch, 14'00

Nicolaas Schmidt, Autumn, 2015, HD, 16:9, kein Dialog, engl. Untertitel, 10'00

There will be a Q&A session afterward with Angela Anzi and Katja Lell, moderated by Katharina Swoboda, to discuss the films as well as the activities of VETO Film.

More Infos: Golden Pixel Cooperative

Life as an unlikely stage

Nov 17th, 2018

The gaze has always been a certain one. What's in our vision and what is your vision? What is presenting before us and who are we presenting for?
11 people eat cake and talk. "My voice is weak ... I don't know if I'm ready yet"

Works from the VETO Film Edition # 06 by Malte Rollbühler, Maria Vogt and Verena Buttmann (90')

Where do we go from here? Films from VETO Film Edition #06

October 24, 2018

A careful step into the waves, a daring leap into the bushwhack. How far can the sharpest eye look ahead, what awaits us off the beaten track? Gentle and shrill, melodic and aggressive, wild and composed, eight works from the VETO Film Edition # 06 reflect the horror and beauty of a present united in contradictions.

With movies by Pavlo Dalakishvili, Sevda Güler, Daniel Hopp, Annika Kahrs, Leonid Kharlamov, Sophie Krambrich/ Nick Koppenhagen, Adnan Softic and Katharina Swoboda.

Total film length 82 min.; Q&A (in German) after the screening

VETO Film Edition #06 is online!

October 24, 2018

With great enthusiasm we went through a particularly strong year of entries and after intense discussions, VETO Film Edition #06 has been selected! We are happy about the following addtions to our catalog:

Verena Buttmann - On Stage
Pavlo Dalakishvili - Forest
Kathrin Dworatzek - Sun Of A Beach
Sevda Güler - Little Ayşe
Daniel Hopp - (1) Problem less
Suse Itzel - We slept so well
Annika Kahrs - the lord loves changes, it’s one of his greatest delusions
Leonid Kharlamov - Limes
Sophie Krambrich/Nick Koppenhagen - Can you see the rings of Saturn?
Katja Lell - 39 seconds latency time
Anne Linke - pigeons and architecture
Marian Mayland - A Bar On Majorca
Malte Rollbühler - I imagine a life
Lisa Sperling/Houédo Parfait Dossa - XOXO
Michael Steinhauser - Lateral Athrolysis
Katharina Swoboda - Highpoint
Maria Vogt - Likely and unlikely


Oct 12, 2019

Das Erscheinen der VETO Film Edition #06 wird begleitet von einem Newsletter mit Texten von Sonja Andrykowski, Louis Fried, Katja Lell und einem Gespräch mit Adnan Softic. Lesen und abonnieren: vetofilm.wordpress.com

Screening am Kunsthoch Luzern

1. September 2018, 12 - 19 Uhr


August 19th, 2018

Giving this car away really hurts. Wenn du mich ansiehst, erschaffe ich mich. Ich habe schon 14 Lieder mit englischem Text geschrieben. Réponds à ma tendresse!

Films by Marlene Denningmann, Rosanna Graf, Judith Rau and Nicolaas Schmidt at the exhibition BABY DON'T HURT ME.
Runtime: 64 min

REMINDER: Open Call! Hot Hot Hot!

2018, July 26

Never ending summer, soon ending call! VETO Film is still looking for artistic, experimental, unconventional films from Hamburg for edition #06 (not older than 2016).

Send us a vimeolink and the completed entry form to info (at) vetofilm.com.
Please make sure the video can be downloaded and do not forget the password.

DEADLINE August 01, 2018

>>> Download entry form


June 9, 2018, 3:30 pm

Conquering the medium length

While lengthy films are considered to be radical, medium-length films with their similarly non-conforming length are often forgotten in the cinema.

Film and talk (90 minutes)

Moonlight (VETO Film Edition #03)

Michael Steinhauser, Germany 2015, 53 minutes, German, English subtitles

Steinhauser documents how the apartments of the deceased are being cleaned and their last, odour-causing particles are being removed. In addition, he chats with people in retirement homes, unearthing surprisingly honest stories with his obtrusive and brash style of interview. While on the surface, it’s all about death and dying, we casually encounter the last generation of contemporary witnesses of the Third Reich and dive deep into the German psyche.

OPEN CALL for VETO Film Edition #06

June 6, 2018

The VETO film editions build the center of our work. Selected films will be added to a growing collection of contemporary film and video art from Hamburg.


We are looking for artistic, experimental, unconventional films from Hamburg
(not older than 2016).

Send us a vimeolink and the completed entry form to info (at) vetofilm.com.
Please make sure the video can be downloaded and do not forget the password.

DEADLINE August 01, 2018

We are looking forward to your submissions!

>>> Download entry form

VETO Film at Video Club 17

December 10, 2017

We are happy to participate in a discussion about film and video art on sunday, December 10!

The exhibition "Video Club 17", curated by  Josephin Böttger and Dieter Söngen, will be open from 3-9pm at Westwerk, Admiralitätsstraße 74. The talk will be held in German and starts at 4pm.

VETO E#05 at Hamburg International Short Film Festival

June 10, 2017

VETO at Heidelberger Kunstverein

April 6, 2017

VETO Film im Rahmen der Ausstellung "Die Idee der Freien Flusszone" der GFLK.

Katja Lell über VETO Film, die Zusammenarbeit mit der GFLK, kollektive Autorschaft und Kollaborationen

Ich zeige "Material Beton"(53 Min, 2013) (kollektives, experimentelles Filmprojekt mit Katja Lell, Babak Behrouz, Eva Könnemann, Nick Koppenhagen, Marco Kunz und Laura Nitsch)
und "Grund und Boden" (32 Min, 2015) von Maren Grimm und Markus Fiedler und berichte von meinen Erfahrungen mit kollektiven, künstlerischen Arbeitsprozessen, die Teil meiner künstlerischen Praxis sind.

Diskussion im Anschluss.

Edition #05!

March 16, 2017

We are happy to announce our selection for the VETO Film Edition #05!

A Charming Variation - Jens Franke
[gewitterzustand] - David Reiber Otálora
Accelerator - Simone Kessler
A nice place to leave - Maya Connors
Deklinationen (Can I inherit my dead parents’ debts?) - Franziska Kabisch
Final Stage - Nicolaas Schmidt
Liquid Porn Chapter #01 - Stefan Mildenberger
Offal - Ida Lennartson
Telefon Santrali - Sarah Drath
WOW the world - Judith Rau

As of now, curators and festival programmers can also preview the films online (for access please mail to info [at] vetofilm.com).

VETO FILM at Klub der Künste LATE NIGHT

October 28, 2016 / 7 p.m.


OPEN CALL > VETO Film Edition #05

Dec 19, 2016

The VETO film editions build the center of our work. Selected films will be added to a growing collection of contemporary film and video art from Hamburg, enabeling curators to research and preview the films online. VETO also organizes a spectrum of film events and discussions.
In 2016 we have i.a. been in Marseille and Zürich and collaborated with the videoart archive "Videoimage" from Georgia, exhibition space ATP Bahrenfeld and "Klub der Künste" at Deichtorhallen.


We are looking for artistic, experimental, unconventional films from Hamburg
(not older than 2015).

Send us a vimeolink and the completed entry form to info (at) vetofilm.com.
Please make sure the video can be downloaded and do not forget the password.

DEADLINE January 22nd, 2017.

We are looking forward to your submissions!

>>> Download entry form

De la perception au chemin intime de la pensée

12.10.16, 20.30 Uhr

Unter dem schimmernden Titel: De la perception au chemin intime de la pensée
präsentiert VETO eine Auswahl aus den VETO Editionen #1-#4

Eingeladen vom Goethe-Institut Marseille

Screening findet im Videodrom 2 statt. Im Anschluss Gespräch mit Katja Lell von VETO Film


Isabelle McEwen

"Un Truc Formidable" (2013), 11'11'' (frz. mit eng. UT)

Josephina Gill 

"Was die Gezeiten mit sich bringen" (2015), 29'49'' (span. mit frz. UT)

Angela Anzi

"Dort" (2012), 9'00'' (ohne Sprache)

Franziska Kabisch

"Ein Film" (2013), 3'32'' (frz.)

Chinook Schneider

"Was ich ansehe wird Portal zu einem Gedankengang" (2011), 8'30'' (engl.)

Nicolaas Schmidt

"Autumn" (2015), 10'00'' (engl. mit frz. UT)

Marlene Denningmann


ATP OPEN AIR - VETO #summerlove

July 30, 2016

VETO FILM zu Gast im ATP

at the stove: Felix Thiele & Maya Connors

Heart-warming experimental films presented by VETO FILM.


"Wow the world" - Judith Rau
"As you like it" - Signe Raunkjær Holm
"Sieben bis zehn millionen" - Stefan Panhans
"Ohne Titel (Santa Maria)" - Suse Itzel / Lars Hinrichs
"§" - Pablo Narezo
"Die Hexenmeisterin" - Michael Steinhauser
"Following your ghost through fog" - Tim Slim
"Compare" - Nicolaas Schmidt


21:00 open doors
21:30 pizza oven on
22:30 open curtain

E#04: Premiere at Metropolis Kino

April 15, 2016

How much longer will the view of the sky at night carry magic within, remain a glance into the unknown, into infinity? Where can't I buy a coke? And can you please make a selfie of us? Six current works. Six perspectives on to the complex flattened, detached connected, provincial globalized world and beyond.

With films by Rosanna Graf, Annika Kahrs, Tim Slim, Signe Raunkjaer Holm, Marlene Denningmann and Hana Kim/ Zinu Kim (total duration 60 ').

VETO Film Edition #04

March 23, 2016

Thank you for many exciting submissions! After long discussions we are happy the following works can be added to our catalog as VETO Edition # 04:

As you like it – Signe Raunkjaer Holm
Casi Paraiso – Pablo Narezo
Darimi – Hana Kim / Zinu Kim
The frogs jump beneath the temple roof, not only through the rain – Chinook Schneider
Following your ghost through fog – Tim Slim
Unsettled Grounds – Maren Grimm / Markus Fiedler
solid surface, with hills, valleys, craters and other topographic features, primarily made of ice – Annika Kahrs
Stick&Flesh – Rosanna Graf
WUNSCHKONZERT – Marlene Denningmann

We hope to see you at our presentation at Metropolis Kino Hamburg on April 15th!

Material Beton

19.03.16, 19h

We are happy to announce the screening of "Concrete matters" (Edition#2) in the Toni cinema in Zurich.


Film Screening
19. März 2016, 19 Uhr Kino, Toni-Areal,  Pfingstweinstrasse 96, 8031 Zürich

Rebel Bodies, Johanna Bruckner (2015, 20 Min.) Material Beton, Katja Lell (2013, 53 Min.)


12. & 13.03.2016

VETOFILM (Germany) meets VIDEOIMAGE (Georgia)
Encounter between two archives for experimental videoart

(curated by Angela Anzi, Katja Lell, Tamar Muskhelishvili)

Together we combed through the archives, made reaseach, asked questions, noted thoughts. How you deal with your collection? What does it mean to work on an archive? Which videoworks get visible and which get lost? The result of our conversations will be two screenings, with the attendance of the involved artists.

Screening I
Saturday, 12. March, 19:00
Sunday, 13. March, 22:00
R: Helena Wittmann
2013, Länge: 12'
R: Sophio Medoidze
2014, Länge: 7'
R: Aleksi Soselia, Galaqtion Eristavi, Wato Tsereteli
2012, Länge: 3' 43’’
R: Sophia Cherkezishvili
2004, Gesamtlänge der drei Filme: 5' 31’’
R: Stella Rossié, Nicola Gördes
2014, Länge: 12' 38''
R: Wato Tsereteli
2014, Länge: 1’ 21’’
R: Arne Körner
2013, Länge: 14'
R: Nino Sekhniashvili
2008, Länge: 5’
R: Nino Sekhniashvili
2006, Länge: 3’

Screening II
Saturday, 12. March, 22:00
Sunday, 13. March, 19:00
R: Ana Jikia
2014, Länge: 1' 50''
R: Lars Hinrichs, Suse Itzel
2013, Länge: 12' 13’’
R: David Chikhladze
2013, Länge: 2' 02''
R: David Chikhladze
2013, Länge: 3' 12''
R: Judith Rau
2014, Länge: 5' 45’’
R: Sophia Tabatadze, Nadia Tsulukidze
2006, Länge: 5‘ 46‘‘
R: Philindo Ambun-Suri
2010, Länge: 3’ 16’’
R: R: Nino Sekhniashvili
2008, Länge: 2' 11''
R: Gegi Khaburzania
2011, Länge: 3’ 13’’
R: Nick Koppenhagen
2014, Länge: 3’ 45’’
R: Sophio Medoidze
2013, Länge: 3’ 20’’
R: Arne Bunk, Britta von Heintze
2012, Länge: 15’
www.vetofilm.com / www.videoimage.ge / www.b-movie.de

Edition #00

January 2016

Thank you for the submissions for Edition #04! While we're screening, we want to introduce you to our new Edition #00. With this collection we want to provide a continuous overview over the many aspects of experimental film from Hamburg, without restrictions concerning production date. We're starting out with several films that were shown in September 2015 in Metropolis Cinema and on the Reeperbahnfestival Hamburg. The edition will be updated continuously.

OPEN CALL for edition #04

deadline January 5th, 2016

The VETO film editions build the center of our work. After a cinema premiere the selected films will be added to a growing collection of contemporary film and video art from Hamburg, enabeling curators to research and preview the films online. VETO also organizes a spectrum of film events and discussions. Previous collaborators were the International Short Film Festival Hamburg, the University of Fine Arts Hamburg, blinkvideo, kinelab Hamburg and the Metropolis Cinema.


We are looking for artistic, experimental, unconventional films from Hamburg
(not older than 2014).

Send us a vimeolink and the completed entry form to info@vetofilm.com.
Please make sure the video can be downloaded and do not forget the password.

DEADLINE January 6th, 2016, 12pm

We are looking forward to your submissions!

>>> Download entry form

VETO presents: Strange Night

29.09.2015 7pm

People are strange. Or am I a stranger? A matter of perspective. Seven films explore viewpoints, they search, experiment, alienate and shake the safe house of cultural values, from which the path leads down into the valley of the Un-canny.

VETO film has ventured a look back at the recent history of the unconventional film in Hamburg. Starting from Ayse Polat's "Fremdennacht" (Stranger's Night) from the archives of the Cinematheque Hamburg a film program with experimental work from 1992 to today has emerged.

New Town, D 2013, Jens Franke
Géographie imaginaire, D/TUN 2005, Pauline M’barek
Maid of the Mist, D 2014, Jakob Engel
Fremdennacht, D 1992, Ayse Polat
Strings, D 2010, Annika Kahrs
Eine zukunftsweisende Vergangenheit, D 2012, Arne Bunk, Britta von Heintze
Nightmare on Elmstreet 02:36:21, D 2008, Cordula Ditz

66 min. + discussion

in dubio pro veto

We would like to thank Birthe Mühlhoff for her article on our activities:

"The veto right, as to learn from Wikipedia, allows a minority to stop a process despite the will of a majority. Veto means objection. If VETO Film wants to object against anything, it would be oblivion and inobservance. The platform sees itself as a measure against the clumsiness of the system, experimental films are particularly affected by. "

>>> to the full article Lerchenfeld Newsletter der HFBK Hamburg

(Unfortunately an english version of this publication does not exist.)

Hana Kim and Maya Connors at 5th Korean Film Days

03.07.2015, 19h

Hana Kims "THE BITTER APPLE FROM THE TREE" and Maya Connors' "THE OWLS HAVE GROWN AS BIG AS THE HALF MOON" will be shown in a shortfilmprogram presented by the 5th Korean Film Days (also including films by: Christian Jankowski, Miriam Glaser und Bernd Kilian).

PREMIERE: VETO Film Edition #03


We are looking forward to another cooperation with International Shortfilmfestival Hamburg and the fantastic Metropoliskino!
Seven shortfilms from VETO Film Edition #03 will be shown within the festival:

Isabelle McEwen - Un truc formidable
Josefina Gill - Preview
Steffen Goldkamp - Wallenhorst
Nick Koppenhagen - The Bowerbird
Stella Rossié und Nicola Gördes - Komet
Nicolaas Schmidt - Autumn
Karsten Wiesel - Hochbrücke Brunsbüttel

Running time: 104 min.

Saturday | June 13 2015 | 7 pm | Metropoliskino, Kleine Theaterstraße



Here they come, the time is now!

We would like to thank you for around 50 exciting submissions and 830 viewing minutes we have discussed controversially.

The following films have been selected for the VETO Film Edition #03:

Isabelle McEven - Un truc formidable
Josefina Gill - From the tide
Steffen Goldkamp - Wallenhorst
Nick Koppenhagen - The Bowerbird
Stella Rossié - Komet
Nicolaas Schmidt - Autumn
Lisa Sperling - Tell me Mnemosyne
Chinook Schneider - Malhaussette - What to say!
Michael Steinhauser - Mondlicht
Karsten Wiesel - Brunsbuettel Bridge

You will soon find further information about the premiere date in june and other VETO screening dates here.

OPEN CALL for edition #03


Submission until 15.03.15

VETO Film calls for artistic and experimental films from Hamburg,
completed after 01.01.2013.

Send us your vimeo-link (preferably downloadable) and the filled application form
to info (at) vetofilm.com

Submitted films will be used exclusively for the selection process. All applicants will be informed about the selection results and the next steps towards the end of April.

We are looking forward to your submissions!

>> Download application form



editions #01 und #02
in the "featured projects" section.
We are very exited!


VETO goes Metropolis


With recent work of Angela Anzi, Michael Bauer, Maya Connors, Marlene Denningmann, Jakob Engel, Lars Hinrichs & Suse Itzel, Judith Rau, Nicolaas Schmidt and Helena Wittmann.

85 min.| Thu, 13.11.2014 | 21.15 pm | Metropoliskino, Kleine Theaterstraße 10 | Entrance: 2 Euro

VETO Film Edition #02


Juhu! Soon on our homepage and in the cinema- VETO Film Edition #02! We are delighted to present:

Angela Anzi- Oktober in Hamburg

Michael Bauer- Substance Of The Surface

Babak Behrouz, Nick Koppenhagen, Eva Könnemann, Marco Kunz, Katja Lell und Laura Nitsch- Material Beton

Maya Connors- The Owls Have Grown As Big As The Half Moon

Marlene Denningmann- Eine Liebeserklärung wird im entscheidenden Moment Wunder wirken

Jakob Engel- Maid Of The Mist

Lars Hinrichs und Suse Itzel- ohne Titel (Santa Maria)

Franziska Kabisch- Podium

Hana Kim- Der bittere Apfel vom Stamm

Judith Rau - How To Ecstasiate

Nicolaas Schmidt- Leaving Monochromia

Helena Wittmann- 21,3°C

PudEL aka EL auch bekannt unter “Heimatfilme”


Freitag im Pudelgarten. Mit “New Town” von Jens Franke aus der VETO Film Edition #1. Und anderen Bekannten…


VETO beim IKFF Hamburg


Mit einem Programm ausgewählter Filme stellt sich der VETO Film e.V. im Rahmen des Internationalen Kurzfilmfestival Hamburg erstmals der Öffentlichkeit vor. Im Anschluss kann man uns bei einem Glas Sekt kennenlernen und mit uns auf die erfolgreiche Vereinsgründung anstossen.

05. Juni 2014 | 19:00 Uhr | Festivalzentrum, Friedensallee 128

Franziska Kabisch, Ein Film (2012) 03 min.
Katja Lell, Licht als Welle (2013) 03 min.
Judith Rau, Vom Ende der Welt (2013) 12 min.
Chinook Schneider, Was ich ansehe wird Portal zu einem Gedankengang (2011) 08 min.
Luise Donschen, Macht dass mir inne wird was ich durch euch verloren habe (2012) 27 min.
Angela Anzi, dort (2012) 09 min.

Marlene Denningmann in Oberhausen

01/05 – 06/05/2014

Der neue Film “EINE LIEBESERKLÄRUNG WIRD IM ENTSCHEIDENDEN MOMENT WUNDER WIRKEN” von Marlene Denningmann wurde für den Deutschen Wettbewerb der 60. Internationalen Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen ausgewählt.