Katja Lell


* 1987 Kopejsk RU She studied Art and Philosophy, Art Education in Hamburg, Zurich and London. Her interdisciplinary practice is setteled between education, film and fine art. Currently she works as an assistant at University of Cologne, Institut for Art and Art Theory, where's she's also listed as a PhD candidate. She lives in Hamburg and Cologne.


Hier, Dort (2008)

Table Lecture (2010, Serie von 6 Videos, zwischen 3-5 Minuten, Installation)

Light as a wave, p.13 (2012)

Appartment (2012, 3 Minuten, Loop)

Material Beton (2013)

Stories from the homeoffice (2014, 8 Minuten, Teil einer Installation, Loop)

Material Witness (2014/17, 10 Minuten)

39 seconds latency time (2017)

Oblanga Octocamerata (2018/19, Installation, Loop)